For municipalities

Mailo offers municipalities two fully independent opportunities.

You can choose either one or both of these offers for your municipality.

Administrative mail system

Manage e-mails for your municipality

Like any organization or company, your municipality needs a mail system which must:

  • meet the highest professional standards
  • offer effective sharing tools
  • store all your data in Europe

Creating the administrative mail system for your municipality is easy and is done online.

Communal mail system

Offer your constituents a free customized e-mail address:
name_of_inhabitant @ your_municipality

Inhabitants in your municipality already have a postal address displaying its name.

They could also have a customized e-mail address with the name of your municipality:

  • an e-mail address they can proudly send all their contacts
  • all the tools of the Mailo service at their disposal
  • a high-quality European mail system
  • a service for families and children as well

Benefits for your municipality:

  • a tailored service for your constituents
  • good visibility and a technological image among your constituents and all their contacts

This communal e-mail service, technological and innovative, costs only 15 euros per year.